About パンク

パンク is Punk in Japanese. But the Japanese don't say "Punk" they say "Panku". 

I was frustrated that so few were putting the kind of art that I wanted on skateboards and in a way that i wanted. There are some legendary boards out there, but nothing that really spoke to me personally. The closest I'd get would be a pro board of a skater i respected. So I decided to make boards that I would die to ride. For me personally that would mean it'd have to be cyberpunk focused and Panku パンク was born.

But this meant screen printing. Which I didn't know how to do and once I did, I'd be learning to navigate concave in an "off contact" environment. I'm not gonna lie, that shit was crazy hard to get down to a science.


Waiting for ink to dry. #akira #screenprinting #pankuskateboards #skatebording

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There is something inherently awesome about the final result of a screen printed skateboard...The depth of it and way ink colors overlay always surprise me and drives me to keep making them. Well... that and seeing art i design on a wacom come to life on something that i can ride makes me feel really good.

It's really not any more complicated than that though.