I chose to do this in seasons for a couple reasons. A "season" is only relative to itself. Therefore, it can last as long as it has to. As an artist this really appeals to my creative nature. It also helps bookend the sub themes I'm exploring with this project, without distracting from the main theme.

The best way to think about it is as an evolving art exhibit, with "seasonal" milestones. A collection where every visitor has the opportunity to own a copy of every design produced, but only while it's being created.

My plan is each season will focus on a cyberpunk artist or subject that set my mind on fire when I was a kid. These are my love letters to all that inspired me to become an artist. Hopefully some of these subjects also inspired you, or even've never heard of them and this helps you discover them for the first time. 

Each season will have 10 -15 different designs. Each run will be extremely limited, All of the designs are hand screened by myself. (between 10 - 50) depending on the design. IMPORTANT NOTE: this is a number that won't be shared ahead of time, mainly because its based on some dynamic factors.

After the season is complete, I'll move on to the new subject. Once the season ends items from that season (with the exception of stickers and tee's) will no longer be available. So act accordingly and enjoy yourself.